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You’ve now cleaned and decluttered until your house sparkled. What last minute things can you do to have your home really open-house ready? How can you hit this thing out of the park? Here are 3 tips I’ve come up with to help you do just that.


1. Add those little “special touches.” This is an important part of making sure you’re totally open-house ready! Open up the curtains, shutters and blinds. Let as much light into your house as you can and it will help show off just how beautiful your home really is. Adding fresh flowers to the kitchen table or baking some delicious smelling cookies adds a home-y feeling and a little extra ambiance to your house. Make it look and feel like a beautiful, happy place to live!


2. Be security conscious. Part of being open-house ready is understanding that strangers are walking into your home and will most likely look everywhere. Don’t leave things out that you wouldn’t want anyone to see, touch or take. It may seem like a no-brainer, but with all the other things on your to-do list, you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook. Make sure your prescription medications are out of the bathroom cabinets, the necklace you received from your late grandmother is in the safe, and any other valuable item is put away. Although this is to help keep your items safe, this also helps remove unnecessary distractions from potential buyers. They’re here to look at your home, not your stuff. 


3. Take the pets and kids and leave! Pets can put off a bad vibe to buyers. I know that little Misty is the most well-behaved cat and everyone loves her, but the next owner of your home may not be able to see past the hair and smell of your friendly feline. In fact, taking the litter box out of the house wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Not only should the pets be gone, but make sure you take your kids somewhere else during the open house too. Even if you’ve threatened and bribed them and they’re acting on their best behavior, they’re another unnecessary distraction for those walking around your house. What would the kids do anyway without getting in the way of those touring your home? Although you may want to stay and talk up your house, you have a Realtor, you don’t need to. It’s my job to do that. I know you want to show off all the cleaning you did and all the favorite parts of your home, but the biggest part of being completely open-house ready is you leaving. You want the buyers to be able to enjoy your home with no extra pressure or comments. They most likely won’t care how much you love your new showerhead or how perfectly the new shutters match the kitchen cabinets. Let them find their own “favorites” of your home. 


You’ve worked so hard to get your home open-house ready, and now it’s here! If you follow these few tips and then leave the rest to me, your open house will be a success and the offers will start rolling in! 

Give me a call today, and let me help you get your home open-house ready: 480-415-5233 or email me at

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