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Curb appeal. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard thrown around, but why is it so important? Let me put it this way for you. Would you ever wear your pajamas to a job interview? I’m guessing that’s a no. Yes, you may be the perfect candidate for the job, but the interviewer will have a difficult time seeing past floral pajama pants. Same goes for your house. Yes, it may be the perfect option for every home buyer inside, but if the outside looks like an abandoned trailer park, you’re going to be hard-pressed to get anyone inside. Curb appeal is important to focus on when selling your home, so I’ve compiled a list of 5 things to avoid when making the outside of your home look its best.


1. Ignoring curb appeal all together. Dont spend so much time getting the inside of your home looking its best that you forget the outside. Yes, you want the inside of your home to win over buyers’ hearts, but you can’t sacrifice the outside to do so. As your realtor, I’ll help talk you through what we can do to spruce up your yard and the outside of your home. We’ll go through and decide what needs to be done. Don’t worry, you won’t have to figure it all out by yourself.


2. Leaving clutter. Decluttering is an important thing to do inside and outside (click here for our blog on decluttering). Those bikes and scooters scattered all over the driveway and sidewalk should be put in the garage, and the muddy shoes on the front porch need to be put away. Also, don’t have a car parked in the driveway. Not only does it look bad in photos, but it immediately tells a buyer that your garage is too cluttered to fit the car, and it makes the front of your home look smaller. Overall, take anything out of the yard and off the driveway that doesn’t need to be there. To finish, sweep the sidewalk, driveway, walkway and porch. Make it as clean as possible. Having leaves and rocks and dirt on the walkway is a definite no-no when trying to get that curb appeal. 


3. Having dead or dying plants. Are those winter flowers now looking brown? Do some of the leaves on the bushes crunch and disintegrate when you touch them? Take dead leaves off of your trees and bushes that haven’t fallen yet, and pull the dead plants out of the ground. You want your home to look cared for. Once you’ve removed the dead and dying plants, find some summer plants you can add in – either in the ground or in a pot by the door. Adding a little life and color to your front yard will really add that extra-special touch.


4. Having crazy landscaping and paint jobs. Do you have a pink bird bath in your front yard or bushes shaped like elephants? Although it may be a great work of art, it may not fit the taste of your potential buyers. Take it out of the yard. Along with crazy sculptures and landscaping, check your home. Is it painted purple and orange? You want to stick with neutral colors. Overall make the front of your home as neutral as possible. You want to fit the tastes of multiple home buyers.


5. Having peeling paint or rusty gutters, door hinges, shutters, etc. Don’t overlook things that are falling apart. You want to make the home look new and totally functional. You don’t want potential buyers to see problems that need to be done before they even walk in the front door. Give your house a nice new (neutral) coat of paint, and replace those door hinges. Make sure everything looks as nice as possible.


A good rule of thumb: If you were to stand on the curb across the street (Get it? Curb appeal?) and were to look at your home, what would you see? Do you see a gorgeous, newly painted home with live, colorful flowers and a clean yard and walkway? This is the goal! Maybe grab a trusted friend and have them look at the home. Is it one they’d want to go into? Is it inviting? The answer should be YES! Don’t ignore your home’s curb appeal. It will be the buyers first impression of your home. Make it a good one!


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