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If you’re selling your property, a home inspection is a must-have; it’s just a part of the process. Although things typically go pretty well (and we’ll help you prepare for it), it can be a little stressful for sellers. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of things you can do to help make the inspection go more smoothly.


Replace burnt out light bulbs. This is easy and relatively cheap, but can come at a cost if you don’t do it ahead of time. Inspectors may see it as a potential electrical issue and you’ll have to get an electrician in to just tell you that your bulbs are burnt out. If you do replace all the burnt out bulbs and find that some still don’t work, then you’ll know that you have a legitimate reason to call an electrician.


Clean air filters. This is another easy and cheap solution that could save you money down the line. Inspectors could see it as a sign that the system isn’t functioning properly, so just replace those dirty filters and check it off the list. 


Unclog drains. Sometimes sinks and bathtubs get backed up and don’t drain properly (especially in the bathroom with the hair and other debris). Check all your drains and use an unclogging chemical if needed to help make things drain properly. Again, if that still doesn’t work, it will be worth it to have a plumber check it out anyway. 


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Declutter (under sinks, by electric panels, heating/cooling systems, etc.). You want the home inspection to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Declutter your home, especially by areas that need to be accessed during the inspection. Make sure there are minimal items near these areas.


Clean and empty appliances. Certain appliances will need to be turned on during the inspection (washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.). Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that they’re empty and clean. 


Disclose flaws you know of. If you have a drippy faucet or a leak somewhere in your home, let the inspector know ahead of time. Let them know that it’s something you know needs fixed and are planning to take care of. If you don’t want to tell them in person, at least leave a note.


Have proof of recent repairs and inspections. If you just had someone come fix your A/C this past summer, have documentation of that repair. Any documentation of repairs or inspections from other professionals (an electrician for example), have handy for the inspector.


Leave! If you’re gone, a home inspection can go much more quickly and efficiently. Leave before the inspection is supposed to take place and be sure to leave doors and gates unlocked. Overall you want to make the inspector’s job as easy as you can.


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