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If you’ve ever been confused what the difference between a real estate agent and a broker are, you’re not alone. Many people get the two mixed up since their jobs have many similarities. However there are a number of key differences and it’s important to know which one you need throughout the home buying process. 

Real estate professionals all go by different names. Brokers, Associate brokers, Realtors, Buyer’s agents, Seller’s agents, etc.  Today we are going to go over the main difference between what a Broker is and what a Real Estate Agent is.


Real Estate Agent

Real Estate brokers can work as agents, but agents cannot work as a real estate broker without a license. Anyone who gets their real estate license can be called a real estate agent. You must take a number of classes and pass a state test to earn your license. This is considered the starting point for most real estate professionals. A REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and they must uphold the standards of the association. Real estate agents can also be referred to as real estate associates.


Buying or selling a home is made much easier with a real estate agent. Their knowledge and expertise gives you the confidence throughout the whole process. Here are some other reasons why it benefits you to hire a real estate professional. 


1.Education: They have years of experience and it’s their job to thoroughly explain to you what to avoid and what steps to take. They know the area and are pros at helping you find the home that fits your needs. 


2.Neighborhood Knowledge: An agents job is to know the data on schools, demographics, crime rate, home prices, and more. They can point you in the right direction to properties that will be perfect for you and your family. 


3.Negotiation Skills: Part of an agents job description is having the incredible ability to negotiate deals, present their clients case in the best way, and have good confidentiality skills. 


4.Handling All The Paperwork: Today’s purchase agreements can be as thick as 3 inches of paper! One small mistake could cost you thousands later or some other type of trouble. Agents know that paperwork inside and out, why not have that extra confidence knowing everything was done correctly?


5.Closing Questions: While closing on a home, things can pop up that may be overlooked amongst all the excitement. Good agents assist and always have your back from the beginning of the process all the way to closing.





A real estate broker has continued their education past the real estate level and has passed the broker license exam. They can work alone or hire agents to work for them. They must have experience working as an agent, typically a few years. The exam brokers are required to have passed is generally longer and much more difficult than a salesperson exam. The extra education includes topics like ethics, taxes, contracts, insurance, and much more. Brokers are held to a higher standard of knowledge. 


One of the benefits of working with a licensed broker is that they typically have more knowledge and experience. This is helpful especially if you have a more complex transaction, like buying a foreclosure for example. 



Our Team Has Everything You Need! 

With over 15 years of residential experience, the Arnett’s top notch team has extensive knowledge and take pride in helping clients fulfill the American Dream of home ownership!


Jason Arnett has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business. Krystal Arnett is a designated broker and has expert knowledge as well with years of experience as a real estate agent. Together they make a great team with stellar service and personable communication skills. They love forming lasting relationships, meeting their clients needs, and helping educating them throughout the entire process. 


They specialize in custom and luxury homes, lands and lots, and have first-hand knowledge of the southeast and northeast valley residential market. 



If you’re ready to begin the home buying process and go into 2018 with a new, trendy home- call/text the Arnetts to get started 480-415-5233! They have all the experience and knowledge as a broker and real estate agent to help you get moved into your dream home! 


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