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If you’re looking to sell your home but don’t know the first thing about listing it, you’ve come to the right place. 


JASON-AND-KRYSTALSelling a home can be a big job to tackle yourself, especially if you haven’t done so much before, if at all. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it alone! That’s what realtors are for! We work in the real estate market day-in and day-out and know all the jargon, paperwork, and secrets like the backs of our hands. Yes, there’s a commission from your home sale that you pay if you have a realtor (which tends to scare people away), but it’s worth it, we promise. 


Let us tell you why listing your home with us is the best option for you.


1. Years of experience. The Arnett family started in the real estate business in Arizona with Fred Gale Arnett in 1948. We have carried on in his footsteps now for over 15 years.


2. High values. Realtors and real estate agents are different in that Realtors belong to a national association. We are held to higher standards and a certain code of ethics that the association stands for. Along with the association’s standards, we at Arnett Properties strive to uphold the values started with Fred Gale Arnett – integrity, trust and hard work.


3. We do the work. If you list with Arnett Properties you won’t have to worry about scheduling all those open houses and answering all those sales calls. Annoying buyers? Don’t worry, we’ll handle them too! We’ll worry about advertising your home and dealing with all the potential buyers, and we’ll make sure your home gets as much exposure as possible!


4. Marketing. For your home to sell, people need to know that it’s on the market! We will get the word out in every way we know how. We post each of our listings on various social media platforms, showing our 1000+ followers what your home has to offer. We don’t just stop there! We will also spend money to market your listing on Social Media, exposing it to the right demographic and geo-targeted audience that reach 5,000-10,000 views! We also send out “Just Listed” flyers and emails, giving the public information on your home. Exposure is important and we do our best to let everyone know your home is ready for a buyer!


bought house5. Closing the deal. We know how to negotiate and get you the best price for your home. We’ll work our magic. We’ll also make sure that any and all loopholes are closed and that all the paperwork is filled out as needed. We’ll also help you find your dream home so that when you sell your home, you have a place to go! We’ll see the process through from beginning to end together.



We’re ready to sell your house and help you find your dream home today! Give us a call and we’ll do this together! 480-415-5233

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