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The weather is warming up and summer is on it’s way! Cue Spring Cleaning! 

I’m sure you have started this process and are doing all the regular cleaning and decluttering. But are there some things you’re forgetting? Here are a few spring cleaning add-ins that you shouldn’t forget.



Now when I say refrigerator, I’m not just talking about cleaning out old food (although you should definitely do that), I’m also talking about doing a thorough wipe-down inside and outside. Along with this, pull out your fridge so that you can sweep out or vacuum out the area under it and clean the walls and cabinets that it covers. 

There are also coils on the bottom or behind your fridge. It’s very important that these get cleaned! Vacuum between the coils and make sure there’s no hair and/or lint clogging them up. CLICK HERE for some tips on cleaning these coils. 


Ceiling fans, Lights and Air Filters

What do ceiling fans, lights and air filters all have in common? They’re up high and are often ignored in normal cleaning!

Take the time now to dust each of these items and make sure that they’re clean. You don’t want them hoarding dust or flinging it everywhere! 

When it comes to cleaning air filters, it’s important to put in a new one, but you also don’t want to forget to clean the grate. You can vacuum these and/or wipe them down with a rag.

Don’t just clean your ceiling lights. Check your lamps too. Lamp shades and bowls probably need to be dusted.


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Baseboards and Door Frames

These are often overlooked and tend to hide filth well. 

Cleaning baseboards may be the perfect job for your kids! Give them a rag and have them wipe off the baseboard ledges all around the home. 

While they do this, you can then take a rag and scrub the door frames. Don’t forget the top! If you have sliding doors, you may also want to clean out the tracks (you can just use a vacuum).


Hardware and Appliances

Showerheads, doorknobs and other hardware around your home is easily forgotten, yet is always used! Give them a good shine!

Take time to also clean out your appliances. Don’t just focus on cleaning the outside of them. Give the insides a good scrubbing as well! 



Cleaning windows (espeically the outside) can be a hassle, and is often put off. Don’t ignore it anymore! Use this gorgeous weather while it lasts to clean the outside of your windows! Make a day of it! 

While you’re focusing on the windows, don’t forget to clean the window coverings as well. Wipe down the blinds and shutters and clean the curtains!



Keeping your home clean is important. Having a clean, organized home is proven to make you happier! Doing all these extra chores will also help when it comes time to sell! If you’re looking to sell within the year, cleaning will be so much easier as you won’t have so much dust and scum built up! 

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