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Summer means sunny days by the pool, fresh fruits and vegetables, vacations with family and friends, relaxing at home, etc… We all want to enjoy our summer, but there may be something that’s holding us back from really being stress-free and happy. According to an organization expert, Melissa Michaels, clutter can drain happiness from your home. Decluttering and organizing can lead to a happier home and a happier summer.

Let’s make the most of this summer by going through that stack of week-old mail and cleaning out the closet! Here is a list of ways to start to declutter and organize your home. Make this summer truly enjoyable!


1. Declutter before you start organizing. I know it seems like if you could just get everything in a labeled bin or in the right drawer it wouldn’t look that bad, right? OK, yes, it may not look like an episode of “Hoarders,” but it also won’t be doing you any good. Start decluttering! Why spend money on bins and other organizing equipment for something you’re never going to use? Just start a pile for Goodwill and go from room to room adding to it. That gorgeous but itchy sweater you only wore once is not worth keeping. Add it to the pile. What about that juicer you bought on a whim and never used. If you haven’t used it now, you probably won’t use it later. Add it to the pile. Go through your house and seriously ask yourself if you’re really going to use or wear something again and if it’s worth storing it. Getting rid of things you don’t need will lead to a happier home and a happier summer!


2. Once you’ve got a nice-sized pile to take to Goodwill, take it! You don’t want all that stuff sitting in your house any longer! Also, the sooner you take it, the less likely you are to go back through it. Did you also know that donations to Goodwill can be considered a tax write-off? I know right?! Not only do you get a happier home and a happier summer, but you’ll have more money in your bank account next spring when Uncle Sam comes around!


3. OK, now you can start organizing! With your house less cluttered, you can prepare for the inevitable clutter that will come back (although you do want to try to keep it from building up). Start at the front of your house where everyone walks in, and create spots for the clutter to go so it doesn’t spread throughout the house. You know that backpacks are always left by the door, and dirty clothes are always strewn across the bathroom, and those pool towels are always thrown on the floor. Make a spot for these things. Maybe put hooks or a bin by the door for the backpacks to go, put a laundry basket in the bathroom and towel hooks by the back door. Make these spots convenient. It’s nice to pretend that you can stop your habits (or your kids habits) of where clutter is left, but that won’t happen in every case. Yes, some things can be changed, but you’ll be much more successful just anticipating it and making it work and stay organized. 


4. Now practice using your new organized spaces. Discipline yourself (and your kids) and make sure those towels get hung up and the laundry gets put in the basket. It may take some practice, but it can happen. Along with this, try to always put things away when you’re done with it. Getting into this habit will not only make your house cleaner, but will make you feel like you’ve conquered something great, which you have! 


5. Now that your house looks less cluttered, spruce it up! Paint the door a bright cheerful color to make your nice, clean home that much more inviting. Put a new doormat by the door, add a nice lamp to the front room, and put fresh flowers on the kitchen counter. You can actually do these things for pretty cheap! You’ll be surprised at how much this will make it a happier home and a happier summer!


Here’s an added benefit of decluttering and cleaning now – when you decide to make the move and we find your dream house, packing up will be a piece of cake! You won’t have all this unnecessary packing to do, and you won’t have to spend all the extra time decluttering while also trying to sell your house and move. It will make for a happier home and a happier summer and a happier future! Win, Win, Win!!!

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